Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fixing VMWare WorkStation no ping from guest

Yesterday i try to start all again some projects that i have not been used for some months, first problem i faced was to remember the passwords that i have in the VMs i solved the problem and the tree of it has to be bridged but
no ping     (:{0

so in the internet i found that the problem is related in the way VMware try to hook the VMs to the Nework in the automatic configuration

so in the Virtual Network Editor ( you have to give administrator rights to change the settings) we have it like this:

the automatic is the problem since i have two network cards this problem were not present months ago but in those days i was using the WIFI and it has DHCP on it activated

even if the WIFI its not connected so to solve it we have to change the VMware settings to point manually

in my case i choose the Ethernet Card connected to he LAN that solve the problem, finally!

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