Thursday, October 3, 2013


   Either i know that this post has nothing to do here i just dont want to create another blog so.

   My history of yesterday i went at the grocery,  i wanted a coffee and a bottle of water i took a  cappuccino and went to pay, at that moment a man enter to the grocery and went direct to me asking for one coin he was wearing black pants and black shirt looked a little dirty and disheveled he said "can u please give me a coin so i can bought a beer" he was so honest and made me smile so i give it, he thanks me went for the bottle and when he came back he told me that i was a good man because not everyone wants to give even a coin he smile me and says that he likes to pray to jesus and before i leave the grocery he told me that jesus will give me a hundred for that coin, i smiled to him again and go.

   Later on afternoon i go again to grocery and bough a lottery ticket those one has to scratch and  bingo i got 3 moons and earned 100 and remembered the guy and just got shocked since then im thinking about it. The man and Jesus.

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